Got the Back Room Blues? Saving Time With Restaurant Quick Response Codes

What’s the most boring part of the restaurant business? Something nobody looks forward to — but a part of the biz that their whole reputation relies on? Something that near field communication technology can really help you with? If you answered something like “logistics,” “stocking,” or “inventory,” you’re right on the money. Many prominent near field communication companies got started in the world of logistics, and if you generate QR codes for your inventory you can make things quicker and easier on yourself.

Most restaurants operate on a rotating basis with their food suppliers so that the same average inventory comes in every month. There might be variations based on the season and other factors, but for many restaurants, the inventory is nearly constant. Unfortunately, you can’t predict everything when it comes to inventory — and if you run out of a favorite dish, you might upset your customers. Diners’ moods change, and the key to knowing how to adjust your inventory is tracking the trends as they come and go.

But let’s face it: Tracking your inventory is boring! Who wants to deal with that stuff? Thankfully, your handy near field communication phone can make it easier than ever. Here are two major ways you can take the stress and strain out of inventory:

  • Using a free QR code generator, put codes on each container of stock so you know when you’ve opened it and when you run out — you can enter this data in any simple spreadsheet program or inventory tracking program. You can average the data out to figure out how much of each unit you sold per day and adjust your stock accordingly without having to go through each and every receipt.
  • Take that same color QR code generator and set up different codes so that you’re always connected to your supplier. That way, when you need to make a new order, you can do it directly from your phone. Even if it’s something as simple as a code that links you to their email or phone number, it will take the guess work and aggravation out of ordering — you can place the order when you need it!

There is nothing more disappointing to a customer than arriving for dinner only to find that their favorite item on your menu is gone. Sometimes, there’s an unexpected rush on one dish for a day and you can’t possibly expect or control it. But much of the time, your inventory is completely in your hands. Saving a little money and a little time “on average” will rack up to thousands of dollars saved over a year, along with many more happy customers. Just another way Quick Response Codes can help your restaurant!

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