QR Codes Make Restaurant Marketing Easy With B2B Partnerships

What is “B2B”? It’s “business-to-business,” what happens any time you come up with a way for other businesses in your neighborhood to join with you in a win-win. For a good restaurant, this is easier than it looks, and it can benefit you while building bridges in your professional community. It’s even better when restaurateurs give customers the ability to engage the brand with their near field communication reader or near field communication phone. Here’s a quick primer on the basic idea.

For Casual Restaurants: Be Where Your Customers Are

Here is a great example of the power of generating QR codes to influence a buy. I know a number of great restaurateurs who have businesses near movie theaters. When someone goes out to a movie, the timing of their dinner is going to depend on when the show is, not the other way around. In many cases, they’re going to go to an earlier show if they want to eat a slow, several course meal, and a later show if they plan to eat first on the quick. Either way, I’ve been encouraging these business owners to approach the theaters with the idea of using QR codes to cross-pollinate business.

If the theater puts QR codes on its drinks and (especially) its popcorn, people can scan them and get your menu, coupons, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Now, of course, you don’t want people scanning codes during the movie. But remember that our good friends in the movie theater business pack the house almost an hour early so that a) people will buy popcorn and b) people will watch previews. These are usually two things nobody has the intention of doing when they first get there. When they’re bored and antsy, they scan.

And once they scan, their dinner plans are all but made for them — with a great offer they can’t resist, a classy display of the menu items, and a convenient location that will reward them for watching the movie they were going to see anyway. This can work in reverse, too, with table tents at your restaurant leading to movie discounts; all the more useful if the discounts are for the movies that your cinematic friends want seen.

For Upscale Restaurants: Be Where They Are Going

You’re less likely to influence an upscale diner by showing them an offer when they’re just passing through. This kind of customer takes your reputation seriously and if they don’t know you, they’re less likely to visit. That’s when it’s time to go out to the upscale shops — the same kind that are using QR codes out front more and more — and try to get your special offers in the windows of the classy boutiques where they’re planning to shop. This associates your brand with a name they trust and makes you their next stop.

Wondering what I mean? Check out these QR coded store fronts for ideas.

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