Restaurant Owners: Quick Response Codes Can Help You Get Better Online Reviews

With the prevalence of “fast” communication technology these days, it’s no surprise that lots of people are connected to the internet twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, CNN has just reported new Pew research that suggests millions of people use their phone as their primary source of internet access. That includes a whole slew of people who do not have regular internet access in the home; in other words, millions of customers who are all but immune to your online presence.

Many of your customers, though, will have both a near field communication phone (such as a smartphone) and regular home internet access. These are the ones you have to watch out for the most — the folks whose opinions will shape your online identity. How can you help make sure that you get positive reviews? A little know-how on how to generate QR codes can combine with your restaurant savvy to help you collect those positive reviews. Here are a few thoughts on how to do it with a free QR code generator.

Why Are Restaurant Reviews So Important for Your Business?

Let’s face it: The days of upscale food critics visiting restaurants in secret to pen reviews between five course meals are rapidly fading away. With journalism fragmenting, you never know when you might be serving a blogger whose opinion might reach hundreds or even thousands of people in your local area. And while all press is good press, it’s not likely that you’ll be seeing many visitors who were attracted by bad reviews.

When people are checking the net or surfing their near field communication phone GPS for a nearby restaurant, the first thing they are likely to do is visit some reviews. A single bad review that happens to be current — and therefore at the top of the screen! — can hold more weight than the ten positive reviews below it. When it comes to online reviews, the threshold for a “good” score is 95% or 4.5 out of 5. Below this is, well, not so good.

How Can You Use Quick Response Codes to Build Up Good Reviews?

A lot of restaurants still leave review cards near the front of the house. This used to be a great way of showing customers that you cared about their opinion, but it’s not nearly as effective now. Nobody fills in those review cards — not unless they have something really nasty to say. If they want to give you a rave review, they tell you in person. Or, just as likely, they go online and leave a review on the first site that comes up.

With a free QR code generator, you can just about automate the process of getting your sterling reviews. Pay attention to the servers and find out which of your customers are in a good mood, happy with the food and the service. When you know which customers are warm, send them a wine or dessert list at the end of the meal with a QR code link to a popular review site. Have the server explain …

… and also offer to do whatever’s necessary to get up to five stars.

True, some people will try to abuse this. But lots of your customers will have their near field communication Android ready to go. Even if they’re not so good at typing with their thumbs, and decline your request to begin with, it’s much more likely they’ll remember to leave you a positive review when they get home. That’ll help you shove those rare negative reviews to the bottom, where they won’t affect impulse buying.

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