The Most Important Place For QR Codes in Your Restaurant Is …

Near field communication payments are already making near field communication technology pretty common in some restaurants and food courts. You can order by touch screen, for example, and get a call or beep when your food is ready. This works especially well at the mall, where there’s liable to be a lot of hungry potential customers wandering by and all of the places where you could eat have the benefit of brand recognition. Even if you don’t recognize a name, you can tell what’s cooking just walking by.

One of the most important factors in figuring out the best use of your quick response code generator is where you’re located. If you have a lot of foot traffic, then the single most important place for your quick response codes is outside. Think about it: Restaurants all want to project an appetizing, appealing image. Yet, they often miss out on the most important aspect: Their food! It’s been scientifically proven that when someone is hungry, they see pictures of food more brightly than a satisfied person does.

Bright, colorful, delicious food. For a restaurant, it should make sense, right?

Often, owners overlook this. In most cases, the first time anyone sees your food will be on your menu or after they order. But people who are on the street walking by don’t react to your menu and prices the same way they would react to a full color, three dimensional encounter with your food — the kind of encounter QR codes make possible. By scanning a quick response code outside your door, customers should have the chance to really get a look at your food; if they’re hungry, that can be enough to close the deal.

You can also use this to make things even more convenient:

  • Use your quick response code site to warn people when you’re out of a key ingredient or dish. Guide them toward something else that they will like just as much, so they don’t have to deal with disappointment. (Believe me, after the third consecutive time my local place was out of the ahi tuna, I stopped asking.)
  • Advertise your specials, soup of the day, or whatever the chef feels like making. If you want to create a family feel, let your owner and chef record a personal welcoming message (but be respectful of customers’ data plans!)
  • Use your mobile site to partner up with other businesses. After your customers are satisfied, they might be looking for something else to do that night. Maybe you can direct them to coupons for local attractions (who can reciprocate in turn.)

If you want to attract new visitors to your restaurant, offer a mouth-watering enticement to make that first visit. Full-sized, full color boards outside your door are good, but they can wear out over time and take constant work. A QR-enabled mobile site will improve your returns much more than the old-fashioned menu in the window!

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